If you want to avoid the boring section of League of Legends that levels up, you need a smurf account. There are several LoLsmurf accounts available and might be difficult to know the best website to buy lol accounts and where to get a great offer. With unending warranties and customer support for all their accounts, these smurf accounts are a really good deal. So the next time you or any of your friend requires a smurf account, you could visit these websites

Let us examine the major hazards involved in purchasing a League of Legends account that is not ranked and the means through which they can be minimized.

The registered email might be changed by an unknown person:

If you are procuring a League of Legends account from a seller that is unreliable (this might be from an unknown website or at auction sites) it is possible for you to take ownershipof the account by putting in place a registered e-mail. There isno form of hindrance – as soon as they lay hold of the account, they will take your money and sell the account again to another person.


My account could be banned:

This is usually the biggest threat when decide to purchase a League of Legends account. Based on the method of production used by the area where your account is bought, your risk of a banned account could be very minimal to almost certain. Ordering from the account auction sites is still one of the riskiest methods so we strongly recommend against it. The best website to buy lol accounts should be to avoid the threat by doing the following:

  • Confirm that accounts are created using recent advanced technology, reducing the risk of a ban.
  • Never ban an account for account trading.
  • Agree to a 100% guarantee – if your account becomes barred for account trading you should simply be given a new one for FREE OF CHARGE!