Due to the fact that efficient blenders and awesome masticating juicers are costly, individuals in the process of initiating a raw food lifestyle are trying to decipher whether to invest first in the best blender or a juicer. Therefore this is what you must know to make the right decision.

Blenders & Juicers –

Both important as far as a Raw Food Lifestyle is concerned

Drawing a comparison between juicing and blending can be likened to drawn comparisons between yoga and jogging. They differ from each other but they are both very healthy forms of exercise. For you to arrive at a premium health benefit the combination of both is required.

The maiden rule of thumb for those on a raw food diet crucial to success is you have to arrive at high, awesome, dense, easily absorbable, which could be from blending or juicing! Nowadays it is not always possible to get the right nutrition only from nuts, vegetables, raw fruits, and even organic fruits. However, this becomes easier with the addition of fresh raw juices and smoothies.

Both blending and juicing provide you with a big shot of dense nutrition that would be easily absorbed into your body. Some crucial differences exist, however, the major thing is that it is not a competition – the two add value to raw food lifestyle in various ways.

Juicing, in a slow running masticating juicer, is built to separate the most possible densely packed nutrition from vegetables via the removal of all fiber (pulp). This ensures that your body is able to grab all this nutrition easily and swiftly without any impact on the digestive system.

Drinks and smoothies produced with the aid of the best blender don’t do that. A highly powerful blender breaks the fruits or vegetables’ cellular wall thereby freeing every nutrient in addition to being able to absorb them easily – however, it is like eating a meal since all the fiber along with the other ingredients are still present in the smoothie.