The majority of the websites will deliver the cs go accounts to you in very good condition. But, if you’re not able to use the CS GO smurfs well, it could be banned. As a result of this reason, you must find out how to make use of the csgo accounts in the right manner.

There are some things you are required to follow so as to use the csgo accounts in a correct way.

  1. Using a VPN:

The website through which you are purchasing the csgo accounts would also be offering you the VPN details with which it was created by them. This makes it very easy for you to make use of the same VPN details in a bid to use the account. When the VPN details are similar it becomes easier for you to regularly use the account. Also, since the IP will be from the same nation, you could make sure that there would be no embargo on the account.

  1. Stick to a normal playing routine:

Rather than play a significantly higher number of games on a daily basis, you must stick to the usual playing routine. This would keep your account away from suspicion. That is why it’s best to make use of the account in a completely normal way.

  1. Use a separate machine:

If you happen to have played csgo on that computer before, then it’s a very good idea to use a different machine in playing csgo from the account that you have just gotten. This is in a bid to make the account very secure.

Therefore, if you would like to use the CS GO smurfs that you just purchased and keep it secure at the same point of time, you need to follow the tips as discussed above.