We are aware that convenience can be costly as consumers. Most times, payment is made for the convenience of being able to use something without getting rooted to the same spot. In the same vein, we’ll likely view moving versions of systems as lacking one or two features. It is reasonable to think that in-situ and more bulky models would possess more substance, however, APEC is here with some real surprise. Their RO-CTOP countertop model may be light and compact, however, it is a big performer. You end up getting the best out of both worlds. For those on the move, here comes the APEC RO-CTOP Review. No need to look elsewhere.


Excellent Features

APEC surely used their technical standing as a leader in the industry to come up with a compact model that is formidable in use aside from the strong entry evident in its solid catalog. At only 7 pounds in weight in addition to the measurement of 14” x 6.5” x 6”, this countertop water filter star in question doesn’t take up space in your living room. Better still, it could start working in a matter of seconds — it is linked with almost any faucet and no installation required.

What’s interesting is the amount of water purified daily: 90 gallons! With the aid of high-capacity filters (made in the United States), you possess great-tasting, clean, fresh water on tap literally, whether you are in a student accommodation, condo, your camper or apartment. Armed with an awesome US-based support system, quality is assured when it comes to the APEC name.


Functionality and Performance

APEC’s countertop offering is the best through pure power. For a 60-psi water pressure, it returns 90 GPD. Pollutants don’t make it past your faucet due to the Quick-Connect coconut shell dominant fiber carbon filter. This includes all the messy things such as lead and arsenic, and funny tastes and chlorine that lead people to bottled water.

Normally, convenience is costly. It is essential to state that APEC has done a lot to make this an exception to the rule. Looking for a countertop RO system? You need to see the APEC RO-CTOP Review.