When we visit the marble tile supplier in town we notice luxury goods sold in the store most times.  We’re quickly drawn towards those marble tiles due to the luxurious look. However, we easily forget that the marble tiles are normal stone, therefore, it requires special attention from us. They require special treatment to keep the shiny looks, which is where marble polishing Singapore comes in.

Using marble as floor tiles or furniture or floor tiles are able to accelerate the image of homeowners. Marble indeed costly, therefore not a lot of people can have furniture not to talk of a house with floors derived from marble (polished marble).

But the most worrisome thing when we make use of marble as furniture, (let alone as a floor covering) is to protect it from stain. Because if the stains on the marble are cleaned in the wrong way (let alone be left for a long period), the consequences could be bad. Our marble floor will be pale and not pretty anymore like when it was freshly installed.

For that, we require a certain way to clean polished marble and that is to call professionals such as marble polishing Singapore. Or alternatively, use the following tips:

1. Scrub the stain situated on the marble with a piece of lime and give a little (very little) salt. Do this thoroughly so the floors won’t scratch. After the stain is removed, wash with water as usual and dry afterward.

2. You can clean using a homemade paste derived from baking soda and water mixture as well. Apply this mixture to the table affected by the stain and let stand for many minutes, then rinse with warm water.

3. Don’t clean a marble table with oil varnish, it will dull the color table.

With the three tips mentioned, your marble floors and furniture will still maintain its aura.