If you just got yourself a nice pair of LED Shoes, here are some essential tips on what you DON’T want to do with your new light up shoes. Don’t….

  1. Go on a Water Ride with Your LED Shoes

While snow and light rain won’t damage your light up shoes, getting them wet in the downpour arising from a thunderstorm could possibly lead to some damage. You have to ensure that the battery located on the inside of the shoes stay dry in the best way possible.

  1. Leave Your Light Up Shoes in a Hot Car

Be mindful of where you are leaving your shoes. Temperatures are already on the rise to ground-breaking levels with the peak of summer upon us as well. We strongly advise that you keep those light up shoes away from a hot car! Batteries are not safe when they’re kept in acute heat conditions. It doesn’t require much time either – a vehicle can go up to 124 degrees from 90 degrees in just 30 minutes.

  1. Get Stuck On One Setting

With more than 7 color-changing selections and various modes to pick from, why get stuck on one setting? Be flexible enough to play with various colors with respect to your outfit or mood.

  1. Throw Them in Your Laundry

Your sneakers are undoubtedly the pick of your outfit, therefore, you obviously want to ensure that everyone is staring at neat shoes. You don’t have to be so fast in tossing them into a washing machine, though. You can carefully opt for a mild soap, damp washcloth, and warm water to clean your shoes.

Change your shoe game. Make the experience better by not having to expend energy and time distressing about being perfect. Showing your LED Shoes some love and being cautious when required, will prolong the life of your shoes thus maintaining its safety.