If you have always desired to have a maid but cannot afford to have a permanent one, you could think about hiring a temporary one. A part-time maid will carry out the same job as a permanent one; however, she will come to your house to clean it whenever you have a need for it only and reach her or the cleaning establishment she works for.

If you are thinking about hiring a temporary maid, it is best to understand the pros and cons that are associated with this option. The following are some of these:


• The services are not rigid. When you hire a temporary maid, you’re using his (or her) services as regards your needs and comfort. For instance, you could have a maid visit your home and clean it since it would be the venue for a crucial event. The maid could come back after the event or party as well. On the other days, the maid doesn’t have to go to your home.

• The maid is highly experienced, skilled and trained. Cleaning establishments go to extra lengths to train their cleaners. To this effect, you could be sure that the maid will demonstrate awesome skills in thoroughly cleaning every area and room of your home.


• Inconsistencies might arise. When requesting for a maid from a cleaning establishment, you might get one you’re satisfied with on your first or second call and another one on your third request. There’s no certainty that the maid you like will always visit your home when you reach the cleaning establishment.

• The maid won’t be familiar with your “way”. Part of the cleaning services of a maid is rearranging or arranging pieces of fixtures, items, furniture, and fixtures in your house. If you continue to get a new part time maid each time you contact the cleaning establishment, you’ll end up having a clean house always but with the furniture and other items placed or rearranged in other places.