Making plans as regards redesigning a website can be an enormously interesting process for web design Singapore. You have an empty canvas to which you could be able to simply add your own skill and originality. You can easily get over-excited. Unfortunately, the majority of the creative teams and designers will make use of this opportunity to focus solely on the visual design of the site, and overlook functionality, SEO, and content.

Sites that have a history of high search traffic can see a majority or even all of that traffic disappear following a redesign. The new site might have a great look, however, that won’t be much of a consolation as far as the owners are concerned.

Yes, it’s essential to have a website with great looks. It has to look awesome if it’s going to transform your site visitors into paying regulars, however, functionality, traffic, and conversions, and are what will eventually govern its failure or success.

Therefore, what are some key considerations when initiating a site re-design?

  1. Do Your Research

To build a website that will deliver results, you need to know who you’re targeting. The SEO focus, design, and functionality should be determined by up-to-date research. That means community mapping, market research, and keyword research.

  1. Website Structure

A redesign is not only an opportunity to offer your website a new look. It also offers you the chance to reorganize your site’s structure.

  1. Navigation

How easily can your site be navigated, by both search engine spiders and human visitors, will have an evident effect on the success and visibility of your new website.

  1. Where Does the Content Fit In?

We are all aware that content serves as all digital campaigns’ most essential part. Therefore why is it still not highly thought of when sites are created?

The relevance, quality, and visibility of your content will be the most influential factor in knowing the failure or success of your new site in web design Singapore.