Status and luxury are the two significant features that represent Louis Vuitton bags. On the other hand, this uniqueness has given rise to many fake designs which have come up to imitate the originality of Louis Vuitton. If you’re out to buy a Louis Vuitton purse cheap, it should be obvious that the first and right place to look will be a Louis Vuitton boutique where original brands are sold. Besides, if you’re buying online, it’s best that you search for an authorized retailer.

Firstly, what should be at the back of your mind when buying Louis Vuitton products is to acknowledge that cheap Louis Vuitton bags do not exist. They are usually worth more than they cost, and they are famous for having the ability to retain their high resale value. Prior to placing your order, you have to ensure that the purse you’re interested in is really made by Louis Vuitton.

You have to invest some time into studying the design mechanism that is employed in the making of these designs. Counterfeit products are not correctly designed so if you make sure that your research is properly done, it will be to your benefit.

How to Find Louis Vuitton Purse Cheap Deals?

It can be very scary when you decide to go for Louis Vuitton Purse cheap deals because you might end up with a fake one. What’s even worse is that what was supposed to be fake, you’d find a similar price to the original one. As much as possible, you need to keep yourself informed on how to spot fakes. Everyone knows that the brand’s offerings aren’t always cheap, but people crave for these iconic and luxurious items.

But before going in to that subject, here’s is where you will find Louis Vuitton purse cheap deals, not on the means how you can find them. You will find here which countries offer their Louis Vuitton items at a cheap price. The countries that you need to take a closer look at are Hong Kong, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Some of these countries offer tax refund for every Louis Vuitton bag that you buy from them. There is a table from a certain research that will show you the price differences and which countries provide the tax refund, which is only applicable for tourists. If you find a 0 percent in the tax-refund column, this means that the country doesn’t have any offer of tax-refund. Each countries utilize different terminology when it comes to tax-refund.

Where to buy the cheapest?

For Americans, the place to buy the cheapest would be the UK. In this country you will be paying in hundreds of dollars, but less compared to were you have purchased the item from your home country, particularly after you have received your tax-refund. Majority of the fashionistas will prefer to purchase their Louis Vuitton items either from Europe or the United Kingdom, as most of the mentioned countries do provide amazing VAT refunds. Always keep in mind that buying from countries that are tax-fee such as Hong Kong or Dubai do not mean that you will be paying for less. This all depends on the bag’s retail price. Lastly, ensure that you are looking at the Louis Vuitton bag of your dreams instead of just finding the best and awesome deal from there, as there are certain areas that will not have the bag or purse that you are searching for, which is most of the time get sold out, and many other places have low stocks because of high demand.

After you have made your purchase from another country, you have to pay for the import taxes and duties once you have returned home. This affects the overall price of the tax-refund you received after you have purchased your loved Louis Vuitton purse or bag.

Spotting Fakes

This can be most difficult especially if you are just going to buy your Louis Vuitton item from a reseller. The best way to avoid getting scammed is to know the reputation of the reseller. This way, you will be able to avoid getting your hands on some fake LV items.