We are a dedicated team of culturists who aim to bring the Telford’s culture in the limelight. Being admirers of Telford’s unique and impeccable culture, we decided to promote immaculate cultural activities of Telford. We believe in the best and the services rendered by our teammates are perfectly in the line with what we believe in.

Telford Culture Zone is one of the few independent non-profit organisation that has dedicated itself to regional and international exchange for young persons. The cultural programme involves the sharing of attitudes, ideas and having mutual respect for one another.

The program started out small and worked to provide exchange programmes to students only. Decades later, the programme has grown to international standards and incorporates non students as well.

The programme is located in Telford England though we handle persons from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. The more diverse the better. We are approved as a cultural exchange program and follow all the rules and guidelines that have been set by the authorities to run such programmes.

Over the years we have exchanged over 250,000 students and non-students who can attest to the major benefits that they have gained from the program. Many praise the program for its contribution towards changing their perspective on issues and fostering world peace by intercultural understanding.

Our mission

We are dedicated to making the world a home to everyone we work with.

We foster intercultural understanding, sound responsibility and mutual respect through the education exchanges for the youth, families and communities.

Why should you go on our cultural exchange?

Telford Culture Zone has:

  • Decades of experience in achieving cultural understanding through the exchanges
  • A global network that works as per the internationally agreed upon standards
  • A team of professionally trained staff and volunteers that advise and support families and students from different countries.
  • What can we do for you with such a network?

We can provide you with the country of your choice

We can make available a carefully screened family meeting international standards of safety and commitment. Provide you with a very strong support system to aid you in any difficulty you might experience while you are on the exchange. A program that promises to focus more on education than on the travel experience.