Piermont grand is one of the most desirable condominiums in Singapore. It is extremely popular due to various reasons. One of them is a location which is beneficial for the highest number of potential owners. Today, we will discuss the location and all you need to know about it.

Piermont grand is placed in Sumang Walk

The precise location of the condominium is in Sumang Walk in Punggol. The place is located in coastline HDB and it is loaded with useful places and all Singapore has to offer. The location is relatively developed, but it is still developing as we speak. This means that in the near future the condominium will experience all kinds of new places all within a few kilometers from your new home. The next best thing is the fact you don’t need a car. Most of the places and locations can be visited on foot.

If or when you want to travel, you will need approximately 10 minutes to reach the Punggol MRT station. It is only 800 meters away and from there you can travel across entire Singapore or further, as you prefer. For instance, Orchard Road is only 21 minutes far away when traveling by a train.

The city center or Waterway Point is also nearby. As a matter of fact, it is just 400 meters away. There people can enjoy massive shopping malls, stores, restaurants and etc. The place is loaded with all kinds of establishments that are appealing for younger and older residents. However, the Piermont grand, EC is more affordable than the condominiums closer to the Waterway Point.

The location offers a combination between quiet residence and proximity to all major establishments

One of the main advantages this condominium can offer is the combination between the peace and quiet benefits and the proximity. As you were able to see it is close to all the establishments you will ever need. You can reach any location within minutes by foot and you don’t need a vehicle. On the other side of the story, we can see that the location is reasonably quiet and you can enjoy the comfort of your new condo without annoying noises.

Believe or not this is more than just important. Now you can enjoy this combination to the maximum and you can always have peace when you want. When you want or have a need to go shopping you can do it in a matter of seconds.

The final word

Piermont grand location is one of the biggest advantages this condominium has to offer. It is located in a quiet part of the city yet it is close to all establishments you will ever need. This makes it ideal for family people, for seniors and also for younger adults who want this combination specifically. It isn’t difficult to understand why this condominium is so popular at the moment and why it is so desirable. After all, location is always the key element to consider.