The question most players ask is – how can one go about spinning the ball in pickleball?  There are two ways you can go about spinning the ball, one of the two involves moving your racket from a low position to a high position, thus creating a topspin. This is without a doubt very useful when serving or hitting a lovely since the ball is made to bounce inward toward the recipient, thus it becomes very difficult for them to strike back. Click here to check out more information on the paddles recommended from the best pickleball paddle reviews for spin.

When you are in search of the right pickleball paddle, it is important that you keep three factor in mind: grip size, weight, and the size of the hitting surface. Fortunately, we have broken this down for you, thus saving you time.

Paddle Weight

The weight of the paddle is one of the most vital factors when making a selection, this is because your overall gameplay is affected by the weight of your paddle. What you need is a racket that is without a doubt very comfy when held. You will discover that there are just three weight options that assist in deciding if you need a heavy (8.5-9.5 oz.), Medium (7.3-8.4 oz.) or light (<7.3 oz.) Paddle. For instance, light paddles generate more head speed and they require less arm strength. They are the best option for hard-hitting players and a more renowned option for doubles players. Medium paddles, on the other hand, are great for beginners that are still yet to figure out their playing preferences. If you want both discretion and power, they are also good picks. Finally, the heavy pickleball paddles are utilized by no other people but the power players. They provide more pop and power compared to other weights, however, they lack control. They can aggravate your elbow often and they require more arm strength. They are very popular with single players that are nimble hitters.

Paddle Grip Size

In addition, you need a paddle grip size that fits the size of your hand, because it aids good control. Getting a paddle that is too large will slip out of your hand, thus there is a high tendency you can get yourself or someone else injured. Smaller grips, on the other hand, offer better wrist action, giving you controlled spin, while bigger grips account for better stability during gameplay.

One basic rules of thumb to have in mind whenever you are deciding on the grip size that is best for you is height consideration. Medium-sized players between 5’3″ and 5’8″ perform well with 4 1/4-inch grip while Short players under 5’2″ do excellently well with 4-inch grip. Finally, players above 5’9″ tend to benefit more from a 4 ½-inch grip.

The ideal means of identifying the handle that works well with you is by trying your hands on different paddles until you get that grip that works well with you.

Paddle Hitting Surface Size

If perchance you are new to the game of pickleball, you may want to give consideration to buying a paddle with a wide hitting area. This will limit the number of shots that you kiss and it makes dinking easier. Professionals love playing the game with paddles that have a narrow hitting area, owing to the fact that they are light. Pickleball paddles vary from many shapes and sizes to offer flexible options for everyone.