If perchance you are thinking about going into vlogging, there are excellent cameras that promise to make the process easier and fun. According to flip screen camera reviews on Expnet, the latest vlogging cameras with flip screens is just a display if the cool inventions that are assisting users in creating better videos.

It is important you are aware of the fact that the real trick with having a successful vlog is the content you are offering your audience, not in any way the hardware you are using. That being said, a huge time saver is having a camera that connects directly with your phone via Wi-Fi whenever you are want to create and share contents quickly. In addition, having a camera with a flip screen will assist you in getting just about the right look – without necessarily taking a dozen tries because you seem to be getting out of the frame.

Having this in mind, we have ventured out to look for the best vlogging camera with flip screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. Below you will find out choice for the best vlogging camera in the market with flip screens, in 2018.

Canon EOS 80D

It is important you are aware of the fact that Canon EOS 80D is the most professional in the market for any video blogger. Though it is not compact and small, this camera among others packs a punch. This is one of the reasons why it is renowned among YouTube creators.

One of the unique features that the Canon EOS 80D has is Hybrid dual-pixel autofocus – a feature that most DSLR cameras lack. What this means is that the camera focuses automatically on the object. All that is expected of the creator is tap the subject when displayed on the LED touchscreen, thereafter the Canon EOS 80D with do all that’s in its power to focus on that person or object.

In addition to this excellent autofocus feature is the three inches, vari-angle touch monitor panel screen, meaning that the touchscreen is capable of flipping out and turning around. This makes it very easy for vloggers to see themselves while recording. Other features offered by this camera include the dual pixel CMOS AF, useful for fast focus in video and live video, and time-lapse capabilities, just in case you are thinking of shooting stuff like moving clouds.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

This is a wonderful camera that will assist you in taking still photos and excellent videos. This camera gives impressive results when used in low light conditions. The manufacturers of this wonderful product Incorporated NFC and Wi-Fi to make it easy to share contents your phone easily and without any hassle. Most importantly the Canon PowerShot G7 Mark II has a unique kind of flip screen that will be of assistance to you when you are interested in having a view of what are shooting as it is being recorded. In addition, it has been studied to take excellent selfies.

The videos captured using this camera are in 1080p at 60 frames per second and they are saved in .mp4 formats, which is a very handy and widely held format that makes sharing on all social platforms very easy.

You can easily tilt the 3.0″ touch panel downwards to about 45 degrees, in order to make shooting above your head very easily. For instance, when you are at concert capturing the show rather than just watching it.