Music is one of the parts of our everyday life, whether it is a family gathering or social party. However, love for music also grows your interest in musical instruments. The professional musicians may need to know the way of using different instruments. Guitar is one of those instruments, useful to several musicians in this world.

Nowadays, electric guitar has become highly favorite choice to the players. You can find more information on this type of guitar from InstrumentPicker. Now, let us have a look at the features, present in these electric guitars.


The guitar design always plays a role in improving your performance level. While the surface of headstock is bigger, you will find a higher chance of resonation. The short sized headstock can reduce the string length between the tuning machine and the nut. The length of shorter string helps in the higher development of pressure for string bearing. Thus, you will find an improvement of sustain and attack. While the back design of the headstock is angled, it causes an increase of string bearing force. The headstock shape must align to your tuning unit to help the string in travelling straight.

Nut of the guitar

The manufacturers use graphite for nut to make the tuning much smoother. It prevents the string from hitting the nut at the time of tuning. The thicker graphite helps in the improvement of sustain and attack in the guitar.

Tuning system

You can find it at one of the end of your electric guitar. You can look for a guitar, having premium quality tuning units. These units are capable of performing function in a better way. The higher ratio for turning helps in having a better control. The locking systems prevent the issue of slippage as it secures the position of strings. There is also enclosed units, having a long lasting mechanism. All these are the best tuners, and you can install them very easily.


You can find them at another end of your tuning units. They perform two major functions- action and intonation adjustment. For the first one, you have to control the string height. For the latter one, you need to deal with vibrating string length.

You may also find a bridge with flange base. This large base helps in having more stability to the bridge platform. The better stability decreases the shifting issue of the bridge.

Arch top

Several players look for arch top design as the solid construction of their guitar. However, most of them do not know the benefits of this design in the performance. While the bridge has more mass under it, the guitar becomes highly rigid.


The players have to focus on this feature while buying the guitars. You can find that two guitars of similar look have different price rates. It is mainly due to the pickups. The higher quality pickups help in lowering the noise and in controlling the tone in a better way.

You have to know about the above features as one of the electric guitar players.