Dudes need to have cool t-shirts. Period. Go to the store or you could shop online and get yourself some awesome t-shirts. You would not really get ahead with the ladies if you wear that old, faded, shabby beer shirt that you have been wearing since college. Everyone has that their favorite printed t-shirt, you know that soft, cool wonderful andamazing t-shirt that has been laying fallow in your drawer for years. This may apparently T-shirt. This is your most amazingt-shirt. But it does not fit its place anywhere outside of your house, not even at the gym.

What then makes a cool t-shirt? What will make you stop and make you look at the shirt again? It is will definitely be a mix of things that would make at-shirt awesome. It depends on who is wearing it and where it has been worn. For example, wearing a funny t-shirt is not very ideal for a first date or under a jacket at a workplace. Then again, if you have that t-shirt that seems so funny or a somewhat offensive t-shirtit might really fun shirt to wear that on a night out with your friends. In the world of guys’ t-shirts, less could be more. There are a couple of guys out there that could get away with wearing the typical Jersey Shore t-shirts. You know, the graphic topsare usually full of scrolls, studs, crosses, words, wings, rhinestones, etc. The guy that is bold enough to wear that kind of shirt has to be in an awesome shape, have nerves of steel, and the ability to beat everyone around him.

The best choice for most guys out there would be something a little gentler. They could be very soft but gorgeously fitted awesome t-shirts with a really casualdesign. Some of the old designs are usuallysophisticated and thorough but still makes it a really cool t-shirt. Ancienttherapeuticpictures, very old animal and promotional drawings would look nice on a printed t-shirt.