Having the edge in a market as competitive as this requires the use of email marketing tools such as the ones on the Shiftmail website. And in order to maintain that advantage, an in-depth understanding of what the best marketing tools can do and in what areas they can be of assistance to your organization, is required.


If all you do is send out emails and never follow up on them, you won’t be able to measure their effectiveness. Email tracking tools let you know if an email has been opened or not. This gives you a better idea of the kind of reception your emails are getting. Unquestionably, some tools offer more functionality through email tracking.


Different email tools offer a series of composition-improving advantages. A couple of the more tech-heavy ones are capable of producing automated messages and responses that maintain a personal, targeted touch.


One of the benefits of email marketing is that it is useful for building a connection with a diverse range of audiences and individuals. However, since it is so adaptable, there really isn’t a single set of best practices that usually results in efficient campaigns. Hence, the ability to put email campaigns through a test using built-in testing tools can aid your understanding of what works, and what doesn’t.

What You Need to Know About Shiftmail

If you want all your email analytics to happen in one place, you’ve got to get Shiftmail. Shiftmail is a reporting software that is hosted on a cloud. This application will help you monitor the performance and engagement of your businesses or email marketing campaigns.

Fast Tracking Process

One thing about email analytics when done manually is you have to open every process individually in order to find the results you had with your email campaigns. Since email analytics operate in real time, all the more that you need an application that will monitor everything at once. You will understand this if you have already studied through various metrics that reports everything about your email campaigns. As soon as your client opened the email, the application’s tracking information will be available immediately in your own account.

The number of emails you can track

The number you can track using Shiftmail will depend on the plan. You can find more information if you open up an account with Shiftmail at their official website.

The good thing about Shiftmail is that they accept all major debit and credit cards as the mode of payment. They utilize the card payment processing of Stripe’s services in order to ensure the data of their clients are always secure.

Cancellation of Subscription

The good thing about Shiftmail is that you can cancel your subscription at any time you like without even incurring a penalty. You only need to go over your account page and look for the Cancel Subscription button.

Integration support

Shiftmail provides integration support – the dedicated account manager is always available in order to help setup and even run the account that you will manage, including the analytics reports.

Changing plans

If you want to change your plans, it is very fast and easy to do so when you switch between different pricing plans offered by Shiftmail through their dashboard.

Talking about plans, Shiftmail also offers various ways you can change your contracts. You have the option to downgrade, upgrade or even cancel your account at any given time that you feel is right. And you don’t have any further obligation to it.

If you want to ask more questions or inquire about what other offers Shiftmail has, just look for their support and they will answer you.

Arming yourself with knowledge about email analytics

Using Shiftmail is one thing, but you can’t fully utilize its functions if you don’t know how to manoeuvre around how email marketing works. You need to familiarize the main 6 email marketing metrics that you have to monitor daily. They are updated in real time through Shiftmail’s application and through there; you get to see and compare the results and do some changes with your marketing strategies along the way. These metrics are the following:

  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • List Growth Rate
  • Email Forwarding/Sharing Rate
  • Overall ROI

Make sure that you understand each of these metrics so that it won’t be difficult for you to read the reports that are going to be sent to you by Shiftmail.