Slate is a normal piece of rock, therefore, variations in texture and color and are totally understandable. Like porcelain, your slate is very thin and powerful strong but could chip or break if hit or dropped. We recommend hand-washing but a majority of the Slate plates are dishwasher safe. Slate Plates aren’t microwave safe. If your finish dulls or you scratch your slate, just apply a thin layer of olive oil on it like you would apply to a wooden cutting board in a bid to replenish its luster. See more here for tips on how you could care for your slate plates.

Slate Cheese Boards

Slate is renowned for its use as a cheese board, however, there are a lot of other very good uses for this special natural stone. The reason that slate is frequently employed for cheese boards is three-fold. First, and most significant, is that the dark color of the natural stone boosts your cheeses as well as other foods making your offerings or dishes more attractive and vibrant. This is why slate is employed in a lot of fine restaurants for serving.

Secondly, despite being very thin, the slate is very powerful and food safe thus making it the ideal natural plate. We recommend that you seal your slate with olive oil to keep its deep luster and this prevents anything from sticking to it as well making clean up a breeze.

Lastly, slate functions well as a chalk board so it takes a normal serving dish and makes it fun and different.

Food Service

There are a lot of restaurants that make use of slateplates for serving their customer’s desserts, side dishes, and meals. They are particularly nice for serving colorful dishes such as sushi due to the fact that they bring out the food’s excellent colors and could also keep it chilled. Slate plates are food safe, therefore you could employ them to serve virtually everything. Probably the only thing you cannot employ them for is dishes that have thin sauces as the slate plates are almost totally flat.