Many professional hunters and even those with many years of experience will very well remember the good old days when hunting games only involved the use of an air gun and pellets as opposed to the shotgun or mid-fire rifle of today. In their younger days, their fathers or grandfathers taught them the safety precautions and necessary hunting methods needed to properly handle an air gun and its accompanying pellets. With age and some years of experience from indulging in different shooting and hunting activities, their implements evolved to more sophisticated and potent mid-fire and rim fire firearms. The time has now come for them to reminisce about the good old days and live out their back-in-the-day hunting memories with use of the best air rifle and pellets.

The use of air guns and lead pellets is as old as the days when Red Ryder BB gun was in vogue. Although air guns for youngsters were the best for etching and nurturing the love for hunting in their young minds, when we look at the factors of speed and barrel, their unsuitability for adults become evident.

Apart from being cheap to purchase and use, other perks of the modern air guns and pellets are their sophistication, potency, and precision in hitting the target. For instance, a modern air rifle can penetrate a skin as lethal and thick as that of a squirrel. Many professional hunters utilize either the spring piston model or the Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.

For game hunting in a small scale, PCP air guns are the best because they are precise, easy to use, recurrently accurate, and they create negligible recoil.

It is compulsory for hunters to choose the right ammunition because the energy changes in air guns are high and the best air rifle creates over 40 foot-pounds of force at a shot, a stable and precise hunting pellet must be utilized. Pellets are appreciated by hunters who want great accuracy and high killing potential.