Most of the classy and well-groomed men will agree with this notion which states that “A hair clipper is a necessity and not a luxury to a gentleman.” There is a need for men to groom their mustache, beard and other hair at regular interval and the grooming routine of men is not yet perfect without the inclusion of the best cordless clippers.

To enable you to get an ideal one without stress, we have compiled a list of the top two best cordless hair clippers which can be acquired.

Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

Amongst the numerous cordless professional hair clippers on the market, Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper is more superior to others. It is, in fact, a sophisticated trimmer with well-contoured shapes and precision edged blades. It is also ideal for fast touch-ups and requires only a 15-minute quick charge for a 12-minute working time.

Lithium-ion battery provides durable features and the self-sharpening blades are suitable to work on all hair types. Moreover, it is also incorporated with a complete set of guide combs to create different hairstyles.

At the present time, it is quite difficult to select one of the best cordless hair clippers for periodic usage among loads of choices available in the marketplace.  A Wahl 79600-2101 is available to make your life easy. With the Wahl 79600-2101 clipper kit, trimming hair doesn’t take much time to complete. It is easy to use and efficient in performance.

This wireless clipper comes with many prominent features which include; blade guards, lithium-ion battery, self-sharpening blades and a host of others. Blade guards are utilized as a covering to the shape edges of the blades especially when not in use to ensure that the user is safe. Moreover, the quick charge option of the device allows you to have a beard trimming or quick haircut when you are in haste.

 Panasonic ER224S

Are you shopping for one of the most efficient cordless clippers that are reliable and superb in performance? Here it is! Panasonic ER224S is the ideal choice for you in this situation. This trimmer is a versatile tool for your grooming needs. It comes with waterproof features, which implies you can use it during shower.

Panasonic hair clipper cordless is equipped with the features of super sharp blades that seek to trim your hair neatly regardless of its length. The exciting thing about this trimmer is that it is waterproof. Asides this, it is usable at all times depending upon your requirements. It comes with built-in AC battery that requires around 8 hours to charge fully.

Panasonic clipper features cleaning brush and blade oil to ensure better performance. It is made with light materials, weighing around 0.42 pounds. It is easy to carry this device while traveling.

In short, Panasonic ER224S is one of the best cordless available in the marketplace. Asides this, the brand company, Panasonic made it known that this trimmer can be washed with water. Due to this, it is quite easy to clean it as required.